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After more than 15 years in the packaging industry, Lori Magoulas told her husband, Mike, that she saw an opportunity for growth. She knew the ins and outs of packaging and wanted to start a business that would solve one of its major challenges: cost-effective, accurate product kitting.

Many companies are losing money and time in the packaging, assembling, and kitting areas of production. Most don’t have the capital to invest in state-of-the-art assembly machines and specialized scales, let alone train a workforce to operate equipment and deal with the day-to-day issues that arise.

The Magoulas saw an opportunity to transform a step in the manufacturing process that’s inconvenient and expensive into a value-added service. Rather than trying to solve the problem in-house, companies could outsource their kitting, hand-packaging, sorting, inspecting, and more to the experts at Component Packaging.

In 2006, Mike and Lori purchased Component Packaging and a few years later, their son, Nick, joined them. Each member of the family brought a unique background that shaped our development. Lori had experience in packaging and sales, Mike came from the engineering and finance side of the alcoholic beverage industry, and Nick served in the military and worked in management with a Fortune 500 automotive company.

What We Do

Component Packaging began with a focus on how to best serve fastener distributors. By customizing kits for their end users or creating parts packaging solutions that saved a step for manufacturers, we could help these companies work more efficiently.

Right from the start, we set high standards for quality. We promised strict adherence to timelines and made packaging simple and convenient. Lori’s trademark phrase - “Whatever it takes!” - became the company motto. Our customer base grew, and as we expanded into new industries, we modeled our business around meeting the needs of whichever company knocked on our door.

Like the owners, the management and staff at Component Packaging come from a variety of backgrounds that have equipped us to be creative problem-solvers. We’ve packaged parts that were so small, we needed pharmaceutical scales to weight-check the product. We’ve engineered custom kitting equipment and hand-delivered products so that our customers meet their deadlines. Each new project is a welcome challenge, and we’ve now packaged and sorted everything from nuts and bolts to margarita mix.

All of this is possible because of the skilled, professional crew of packagers who clock in every day at Component Packaging. From assembly to scaling to shipping, we’ve looked at each component of our process and built a strong team around it. Even when an EF-5 tornado swept through our town in 2011, we didn't miss a deadline and loaded eight trucks the next morning.

Whatever It Takes

The “Whatever it takes!” motto isn’t just for management - everyone at Component Packaging feels a sense of ownership in what we do. Some of our staff have been with us for more than 15 years. In an industry where job turnover is rapid, that level of commitment is uncommon. From top to bottom, we care about delivering on the promises we make to customers.

Component Packaging works because we’re a team, and we want to partner with our customers in the same way. When you call our offices, you can speak with an owner or manager anytime. We’re available to answer questions, discuss solutions, or update you on the progress of your product.

With over 30,000 feet of warehouse space, we’re ready to handle your kitting, assembly, sorting, hand-packaging, and more. Our location at the crossroads of two major interstates in the middle of the country makes shipping and receiving a breeze. Call us today, and let’s talk about how we’ll do whatever it takes to make packaging easy for you.

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Mike Magoulas
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Lori Magoulas
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