Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only package fasteners?

While the majority of our projects are fastener-based, we have also done small parts that are outside the fastener realm, such as game pieces or other widgets.

Can you do box-downs/re-boxing and will you provide boxes?

Yes, we have several customers who need to provide fasteners in different box quantities than they receive them in and we re-box them. Generally, our customers provide the boxes because they are logo boxes and the specific size they need. We can, however, provide boxes.

Can you inspect product? What does that entail?

We have successfully completed many inspecting projects, from looking for misthreaded bolts to inspecting for rust, to inspecting for 100% accuracy.

What do you mean by "assembly"?

In our operation, we refer to assembly as either joining two items (i.e. putting a nut on a bolt) or packaging larger, bulkier parts. In this area especially, we have done several projects that are not fastener-related.

What trucking company do you use?

Our customers determine which freight carrier they want us to use. Our location in the middle of the country at the crossroads of two major interstates gives us easy access to many excellent trucking services. We’re well-positioned to provide fastener packaging services to anyone in the United States.

Can I have hardware shipped directly to you from my manufactureer?

Sure! With over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have the capacity to receive and hold your hardware, fasteners, and other parts until everything arrives. We’ll then package the complete kit and send it on its way.

How many shifts do you run?

We run 20 hours per day and run production four days per week, with the option of adding additional shifts on weekends. Our professional packagers are smart, well-trained, and hardworking. From the front office to the production floor, we take pride in the work we do together.

I need fastener packaging services and I'm on a tight deadline. What is your lead time?

We can complete most projects, including fastener or hardware packaging, in less than three weeks. Some of our clients call us specifically when they have a tight deadline. Our motto is “Whatever it takes!” and we’re known for quality fastener packaging (kitting) services and quick turnarounds.

How many different fasteners can you package at one time?

We have multiple eight bowl machines that can package up to eight different fasteners and different quantities of each part. Additionally, we have a hand-packaging department that’s capable of handling an unlimited number of parts. his enables us to offer a wide variety of fastener packaging (kitting) services. Whatever the project, we’ll find a way to package it.