12 Ways a Co-Packager Can Help Your Business

12 Ways a Co-Packager Can Help Your Business

A Rose by Any Other Name…

You might call us a component packager (co-packager), a kitting and bundling service, a fulfillment company, or a 3rd-party logistics(3PL) provider. No matter what label you put on us, we have just one goal — to make your life easier!


When your business is struggling with manpower shortages, supply chain troubles, quality issues, or fulfillment challenges, we can help. We have a dozen (at least) ways to solve your packaging and fulfillment problems.

1. Warehousing

Don’t worry about finding space for all those bits and pieces that go into your products. Outsource your packaging to us and take full advantage of our warehouse.

2. Inventory Control

Don’t worry about organizing, tracking, and counting all those parts and components. We’ll handle the inventory hassles for you.

3. Cost Control

Because you’ll always know your packaging costs ahead of time, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to accurately charge your end users.

4. Quality Control

We can check that components received are correct and meet your specifications. And, we offer inspections, quality control, and sampling to ensure your products are right.

5. Sorting

We can provide hand sorting capabilities, as needed.

6. Boxing and Repackaging

Need small packages, but you order in bulk? Want to have generic items put into your own company’s packaging. No sweat, we’ve got you covered.

7. Kitting and Pre-kitting

Kitting combines multiple components into a new SKU. Pre-kitting creates kits of components to be used at a specific point in a production line or assembly process. Our high-speed automated packaging lines make this a breeze.

8. Shrink-Wrapping

Kitting can be done using boxes or bags, but sometimes heat-shrinking or shrink-wrapping would be better. No problem, we do it all.

9. Hand Packaging

So, your products are unusual, unwieldy, need to have paper instructions inserted, or are just weird? When an automated packaging process just won’t work, our hand-packaging experts will have you in good hands.

10. Labelling

Maybe you want to mark kits with a new SKU, add item descriptions, or have other unique labelling requirements. We can do automated in-line printing, or labelling can be part of a hand-packaging process.

11. Fulfillment

We’ll help you handle order fulfillment. We can build to stock, keeping a supply to fill orders as they come in. Or, we can build to order, eliminating the need for you to inventory completed kits or products.

12. Shipping

We’ll ship completed pre-kits, kits, assemblies, products ,etc. directly to you via ground or air. For order fulfillment, we can also drop-ship directly to your customer.


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We didn’t mention our other services like assembly or surge capabilities. If you need something, we can probably figure out how to get it done.  


Think of us as your Swiss Army knife of packaging services. No matter the challenge, our decades of experience and wide array of capabilities ensure that we’ll be able to solve your most pressing packaging and fulfillment problems.

Contact us today, and let us show you how we can make your life easier: https://www.componentpackaging.com/contact-us.

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