A Year in Review (And a Look Ahead)

A Year in Review (And a Look Ahead)

Looking back on 2021, the easiest thing to do might be to let out a sigh of relief. Whether you had a year full of booming business or another year full of shutdowns and setbacks, we can all relish the fact that it is nearly over. We thank those that continue displaying resilience and trust in Component Packaging. If you are working in an industry that has gone through a transition, we know this year has been full of trials, and we don’t take your trust lightly. We strive to meet expectations, and we promise to keep meeting them as we enter the new year. Looking back on 2021 may be overwhelming, but the future is bright.

A Roller Coaster of a Year

Another year has gone by with the global pandemic affecting both consumer behavior and companies alike. Working in the shipping and packing industry meant learning to adapt quickly to battle the constant stream of roadblocks. Business leaders stayed on their toes to tackle unforeseen obstacles and defy the odds, with many companies forced to implement a sink or swim strategy to keep their heads above water.

The shipping and trucking crisis swept the nation and continues to wreak havoc on your businesses. We have walked alongside you as your company has had to raise its prices to keep up with high demand and increasing inflation. The multitude of little things playing into your tough choices does not go unnoticed. We have watched you pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, and get the ball rolling again and again.

We Don’t Take The Task at Hand Lightly

Whether you are a new client or have been with us since the beginning. Whatever it takes! Your companies choose to put your trust in us, and we do not take that for granted. Our quality control team is the best of the best and leaves no room for error. We save you time and money, all while getting your parts to where they need to be.

When you come to us with your packaging, kitting, or assembly needs, feel confident in your choice. You know better than anyone what goes into keeping your business afloat, and we hope to be a cornerstone of your mission.

A customer-first approach has allowed us to get to know you and the reason behind your partnership with us. Our team is on your team and loves adding value for your end-user.

Our 2022 Outlook

Next year, our primary goal as a company is to make sure we proceed to meet your needs day in and day out. By continuing to accommodate change, we can keep serving your team well. We will continue to allow your team to have your parts shipped directly to us to hold onto them until the kit is ready to be packaged. Letting us handle your small details allows you to continue painting the bigger picture.

We believe 2022 will be a year of rebuilding, maturity, and starting fresh. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; we can see it!

Whatever it takes! Here’s to a new year. Choose us for your packaging solutions: https://www.componentpackaging.com/contact-us

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