COVID-19 Impacting Lead Times

COVID-19 Impacting Lead Times

Shipping In the Midst of a Pandemic

Clients are having trouble getting parts. With unprecedented times, everyone, including the parts manufacturing companies, is having a hard time meeting high demands. The manufacturers are likely limiting hours or having A/B shifts to contain the spread of any virus. Whatever the reason, the parts are limited, time is crunched, we hear you.

Our clients can have products shipped to them, or they can have the product pieces shipped straight to us. Getting every piece from every location increases the lead times. We understand that all our clients are in a rush. We always work as diligently as possible to complete your projects for your deadlines. From margarita mix or fasteners every industry that needs packaging is running behind.

Our Pride, Our Promise

Perhaps the largest impact on our lead times is small orders. When we have smaller orders that are dramatically different, we have to change the production lines and machine setup to fit each order. When there are many small orders instead of fewer larger orders, it takes time to switch between projects, and we do it more often.

We pride ourselves on our 2-3 week lead time, but right now, in these times, we are running 3-4 week lead times. Granted, some industries are backed up until the new year. We are happy to say we are prepared for new clients and will continue to serve our existing clients with whatever it takes!

We make the most out of the time we have with your product. Whatever it takes, we will take care of you. Choose us for your packaging solutions:

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