How Kitting Can Maximize Your Profits

How Kitting Can Maximize Your Profits

Mutual symbiotic relationships exist throughout nature. One of the most striking is that of the Nile Crocodile and the Egyptian Plover. The Crocodile is, well, a crocodile–the pinnacle of its food chain, while the Plover is a bird and a bold one at that. The mutually beneficial relationship is demonstrated when the Plover walks into the open mouth of the Croc and lives to tell the tale, eating the leftover bits of meat between the crocodile’s teeth. The calm Crocodile gets cheap and affordable dental care and the plucky Plover gets a boost to its otherwise insect based diet.


Component Packaging’s kitting service is a tool that is mutually symbiotic to your industry: we thrive by applying our experience and skills to your packaging and fulfillment needs; your profits reap the benefits.


How can kitting maximize your profits?


Kitting offers convenience to you and to your customers. No longer will you need to sell the individual components and deal with the headache of uneven piece inventory helping your business avoid having excess stock of individual items.


Our kitting solutions sort parts and products into easy-to-use kits. These kits can be created for retail or to streamline the manufacturing process. Happier customers and an efficient assembly process both boost bottom lines.


Component Packing is ready to talk and help you find which kits would be the best solution to maximizing your profits. We specialize in product kitting, removing roadblocks from purchasing and inventory, keeping you on the road to higher profits.


Please get in touch with us and allow us to be the Plover to your Crocodile, your answer to any kitting needs.

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