Made in America: Outsourcing

Made in America: Outsourcing

Made in America: Outsourcing to your Backyard

Hoards of manufacturers depend on Chinese shipping and manufacturing. In light of the Coronavirus, and other world events, many of America’s manufacturers from auto to appliance industries are finding their products elsewhere. This causes bumps in the road when things don’t ship as fast or in the same packaging they used to. The not so delicate system of manufacturing flowing from one place to another has been disrupted over and over again in the last decade. It’s now unwise for many manufacturers to rely on shipping from China. Their uncertainties are too great, and the risk is far too high to get the job done.

Many specialized fields are becoming more so (specialized), getting the products they need from the U.S. While job losses due to economic downturn slow but continue, companies are working to prevent those losses and save where they can. Continuous improvement is something we have all heard of, and we all work to, well, continue. We are always looking for ways to run more efficiently with a lower budget.

We have gained clients who are outsourcing their assembly or kitting to ensure quality and clients who need to repackage things that just don’t work for their own customers anymore. Component Packaging has the staff and the tools to make our time the most efficient for any of our clients’ budgets. We work to ensure quality, consistency, and excellent service along the way. You can ship all your parts to us, and we will take care of the rest.

We are located at the crossroads of the U.S. of A, so we serve manufacturers from sea to shining sea. Our location is ideal for shipping, no matter how you slice it. If you have to choose someone to help you repackage, kit, or assemble any of your parts, you know where to find us.

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