Meeting the New Standards

Meeting the New Standards

The manufacturing industry is grinding its gears to meet new protocols and standards in every industry. The products and pieces for medical fields, furniture, auto parts, all have to start somewhere. They are held together by nuts, bolts, spacers, and many other parts.

Most industries are facing budget cuts. Unfortunately, especially in the manufacturing industry, that fleshes out as jobs lost. An article from CNBC reported manufacturing as the fifth-highest job loss industry in April. Component Packaging didn't cut one job. We stepped up our game; we raised our capacity and productivity to meet everyone's demands. Our clients reached out to us because we were open when they could not manage to keep their workers at their facilities.

Managing manufacturing businesses during the pandemic is no joke. We could have let the world's situation slow us down. We could have panicked and shut our doors, but instead, we decided to help out our clients and expand our doors to businesses that can't manufacture from home. We upped our game to meet and surpass standards set by our clients.

Whether it's a nut or a bolt, Component Packaging has handled a project like yours. We kit, assemble small and large parts, and quality control pieces. We sort and resort and repackage to make sure your business is running as smoothly as possible.

Due to Covid19, we are working harder than ever to make sure you and your clients are covered. Contact us with your packaging needs.

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