New Found Efficiency

New Found Efficiency

We are surrounded by convenience, self-service, and personalized needs. We see the solution to many of these changes in manufacturing specifically. Justifying the cost of abundant labor to count fasteners, assemble items, or sort the tedious parts of your project is no longer necessary. Component Packaging facilitates these needs by being the problem solver for your company. We take on your difficult problems with ease by taking the time-eating source of labor out of your process and providing you with finished boxes of ready-to-use kits at a fixed cost.

The industry fought supply in 2018, and the demand for faster lead times, meaning shortening the time between you placing your order and us delivering your product, but we never wavered. We keep finding ways to turn the product over faster for you, so you can distribute or use those parts quicker in your own business. And according to Michael Mandel from Forbes, 2019 may be the rise of manufacturing platforms, thanks to the companies that are rewriting the rules (that’s us.) Outsourcing to Component Packaging will ease your burden, and allow you to grow your company in the right places.

Component Packaging has recently brought our packaging lines from 8 to 10 fully automated and highly efficient lines! We have also added an automated packaging machine and another two bowl machine for long production runs of parts. This gives us in-line printing capabilities, the ability for nine parts to be packaged at one time, and accommodations for a wider variety of size and type of fasteners.

The benefit to you, the fastener distributor, is reduced lead times. Our flexibility to meet your demands lets us get your product to you sooner. The new machines allow you to offer even more options for your end user without having to add additional labor or cost.

The staff at Component Packaging are all packaging professionals! Our number one area of focus is quality; which we will not compromise. We are problem solvers and our ability to analyze projects will reduce the overall processes and time, resulting in lower costs.

Whether it be an automated bagging project, assembly item, hand packaging piece or re-boxing; you owe it to yourself and your company to contact us and see if working with Component Packaging is the right decision for your company. We’re available to answer questions, discuss solutions, or update you on the progress of your product.

Please feel free to contact us.

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