No Matter What, We Can Pack It!

No Matter What, We Can Pack It!

What would you do if a company would pack, store, and ship your manufactured parts anywhere you needed them to go? If a company could manage your specialized parts in a sinch? No matter what the parts are, Component Packaging can handle them.

Specialized Parts

In our warehouse, we kit and package an average of 680,000 parts each day. There’s no part too big or small or too custom for us to handle.

Sector-Specific Fasteners

We handle sector-specific fasteners from auto to road construction contractors. The demand for these parts has also increased, and we have plenty of resources to grow our capacity.

Plastic Fasteners

Our machines can handle extreme accuracy, even if your parts are exceptionally light. We’ve got checks and balances in place to maintain even the most specific of weight in your kits and packages.

Precision Fasteners

We know you need to be as accurate as possible. So when your precision fasteners and parts come down our line, we’ve got your back. We can get your critical parts to you perfectly counted and in pristine condition.

We will pack it and ship it exactly how you need it. From nuts and bolts to any part in between, we can meet your packing needs.

The Packing Process

Your company could try and package your parts yourself, but this adds extra costs overall. Read our blog, “Why Can’t I Package Products Myself?” to see the breakdown. The summary is: you will have to set up your entire system, hire and train or use resources from other departments, manage each project, find a place to set up your packaging department, and store your parts until they can be shipped out. We have the trained employees, management, processes in place, and 30,000+ square feet of packing and storage space. We will even quality check your parts to make sure they are the best that they can be. After all, quality is a priority.

Whatever it takes! We can take care of you. Choose us for all your packing needs:

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