Quality is our Priority

Quality is our Priority

Quality is our number one priority at Component Packaging. We deliver products that make us proud. In our packaging department, we’re ready to handle your kitting assembly, sorting, hand-packaging, and more. Whether we’ve kitted,  repackaged, or your product has gone through our quality assurance services, we do whatever it takes to deliver products above expectations.

Why do we care? Why are we good at it? We have loads of experience. Many of our staff members have 10+ years of packaging experience, and our leaders have even more. Our focus is an efficient process from start to finish. We’ve developed a passion for serving our customers to the best of our ability.

Checks and Balances

At each step in our process, there is a sign-off verification. Our trained team verifies the scales for accurate weights and performs secondary checks. Our custom scaling system allows us to work efficiently without sacrificing an ounce of quality in our output.

Hand Packaging

We’ve cross-trained each team member to perform high-quality hand packaging. Almost anyone on our staff could move to other areas seamlessly when workflow changes. This means our customers' products get the best of our team at any given time.

We’ve filled our machine rooms with custom-designed scales that will catch errors within millimeters. Quality checks are performed and verified before starting the run of the product and ongoing checks throughout the entire run.

Not only are the workflow setups checked before the start of a run, but the scales are also set and then verified by a second staff member. Random checks throughout the day also ensure consistency with sign-offs and documentation of each step (see lots of verification).


Tolerable error is not tolerable at Component Packaging. As stated, we have checks and balances in every step of our quality-focused process, including checking for accurate weights of the final packaged product at the end of the line.

Component Packaging has a traceability process in place to track all phases of the packaging process. This process allows for individual accountability.

We don’t sacrifice output.

Our scales can run kits at up to 32 bags per minute with quality and accuracy in mind. Even a competitor might admit that’s impressive. We think it speaks to our abilities. We don’t sacrifice an ounce of quality.

We have developed a passion and drive for our product. Our “creative scheduling” allows us to respond to urgent needs with a swiftness that is hard to find in the fastener world. We are able and willing to work flexible schedules. We can also adjust and re-configure our operation to accommodate large jobs- some that we have done have involved upwards of 200 pallets of the total product.

We work with all local area truck lines, FedEx, UPS, and any over-the-road logistics companies. We are centrally located in the heart of the U.S. and are easily accessible to several major interstates.

Quality control integrates into our process as a way for us to provide the absolute best customer service. We can inspect your product and maintain quality through our entire process. We are proud to be in the fastener industry, and we are proud of what we produce. Whatever it takes!

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