Special Projects: The Real Cost

Special Projects: The Real Cost

When you take on a project at your company that is outside of your normal projects, they are called special projects. These projects may take special training, more hours, time, precision, and space to execute. We know that the elements to these special projects can cost you more money and cause you to lose essential workers for other projects. Your team can do their jobs well, but are they trained for your special projects? This is where we, Component Packaging, step in.

Your Company’s Special Projects

Time and Manpower

When you take on a special project, it can cost you time. This time includes hiring new workers or pulling human power out of your existing departments to execute the job. Training these folks takes valuable time away from the special projects or delays them further. We know you value your time and energy when it comes to your business’ success.


Special projects cost you space. If you are doing all the assembly, kitting, and packaging ready for shipment, the setup for your special project takes valuable space from your everyday working area and business as usual. We know space is valuable. But, the ideal scenario means your special project doesn’t take away from your daily grind.

Management Capacity

Chances are, you built your management team to handle your daily projects. However, while they have the ability and knowledge to take on a special project, they may not have the capacity to do so while still meeting their goals and quotas. In addition, the process of business growth that might be required to hire management or employees and train them can be overwhelming and put a strain on your business if you aren’t ready.

How Our Company Works

We have some good news. Our company has the time, manpower, space, and management capacity to execute all of your special projects. There is no project too big or too complicated for us. We have designated space available and trained employees that are ready for your special projects. We already have the systems in place to successfully manage your special projects so you don’t have to.

Let us take something off of your plate.

Whatever it takes! We will take care of you. Choose us for your packaging solutions: componentpackaging.com/contact-us.

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