The Symphony of Parts Assembly

The Symphony of Parts Assembly

Watching a concert pianist is amazing. Your eyes are glued to their hands as they glide along ivory keys, leaping to the correct notes while avoiding any missteps; ten fingers working as a team to assemble notes into music and music into an experience.  The same expertise is on display writ large when a symphony gathers to perform. Pieces by legends like Beethoven or Brahm spring to life when flutes and oboes play nice and percussion keeps time.


We don’t have a concert hall at Component Packaging, nor a maestro calling the shots, but we do have an experienced assembly team that makes music. Some of our past hits include:


Straightforward tasks like assembling washers and nuts onto screws or affixing a turnbuckle to the end of pre-cut chain pieces.


More unique requests from customers like cutting trim molding down to pre-sized sections. We did this with two semis worth of long, uncut sections!


Cutting and coiling plastic air brake tubing and electrical wire conduit.


The strength of our experience is amplified by the flexibility of our space. We can easily reconfigure work areas for new tasks and we relish the opportunity to find the right solution for your job. Our expert assembly team embraces the Component Packaging “Whatever it takes!” attitude through creative problem solving, a commitment to accuracy, and adherence to deadlines.


Get in touch with us today and let our assembly team make the music you’ve been waiting to hear.

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