The Weight of it All: Scales and Scale Processes

The Weight of it All: Scales and Scale Processes

Scales are our lifeblood. At Component Packaging, every project depends on one or more sets of scales. We prioritize precision and accuracy when we build kits and package your parts. We have the scales necessary to weigh and count your nuts, bolts, screws, and whatnots to fit your kits down to the teenth.

The Production Process

Scales vary in shapes, sizes, and types for each of the steps in our production process. We weigh your kits during essential stages of production. We place them on the scale as individual bags and weigh again if they are part of a master bag that includes multiple kits.

When we box kits for final shipping, we scale according to the weight of the individual kits to get exact counts in every box. The pallets are then weighed before shipping to calculate freight costs. There is no step in our operation that doesn’t use multiple scales, whether counting or weighing parts and kits.

Scale Accuracy

We have counting scales that can weigh down to hundredths of a gram, scales that max over 5,000 pounds, and everything in between. Kits with heavy parts need that large scale with minor variance to ensure accuracy. Need something that is scary accurate and can weigh something tiny? We trust scales that pharmaceutical companies use for weighing light portions for medicine capsules. We can get the exact weight.

We have custom-built scales for every machine that touches your items. They weigh kits coming off the machine at 35 units a minute with pinpoint accuracy. Sometimes kits can non-conform or not fit the requirements, so our machines move those kits to a separate area for operators to assess and fix them. Accepted kits are transferred to a different location triggering the operators to move to the next production phase. These scales help with our accuracy and remove potential human error. Our entire staff is trained to minimize error, and we get your counts and weights just right.

Your Company’s Needs

Every company and customer needs something different. We have what you need at our disposal to adapt to changing needs with speed and accuracy. We have worked with consultants, and multiple pro scaling companies to custom fit our scales to our equipment. We are here for all your scaling requirements, including special projects.

Whatever it takes! We can accomplish what you need. Choose us for your packing solutions:

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