Time For Growth

Time For Growth

Ready for more!

Business is booming at Component Packaging. Despite so many things going on in the world, our clients are still as happy as ever! We are looking at expanding our company by adding additional services or becoming a master distributor of any specialty item. We are also open to an entirely new line of business. With all the changes going on internationally and domestically, both politically and due to Covid, we think this may be a great time to grow, so we are looking for opportunities! We have physical space, resources, and the drive to expand.

Behind the scenes

Most of our clients are distributors. If you are a client reading this, you know what you do, but for those of you interested, they carry or have access to a bazillion different fasteners. Generally, they have significant quality control departments, engineers on staff, and rely on us to package their product for their end-users, usually manufacturers, retailers, and beyond.

More than that goes on behind the scenes in the fastener and manufacturing world. Some companies only produce specialty parts or provide specialty services such as specialty patches on screws or notching out a portion of the head of a screw to make it fit a particular part. We'd love to sell a specialty service if there is a need not being met. We could also work in a company unrelated to the industry. If a company needs a distributing center, we are open for their business.

We are now accepting additional clients, and we are also available to become your choice mass distributor. We can become the distribution arm of your company, big or small.

Our business is booming, and we genuinely believe we can and will do whatever it takes to make our clients happy. If you have any needs or ideas, reach out to Lori at lorim@componentpackaging.com

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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