What is a large part assembly?

What is a large part assembly?

Large part assembly is packaging parts for kits that are larger than small fastener kitting. This means that the parts themselves are larger like heavier bolts, nuts, screws that cannot go through normal packaging machines. This also means that there may be many fasteners in multiple bags that go into a master package like a box, heavy bag, or even directly onto the pallets. These parts need special attention and scales to be able to weigh them because of the complex nature of the kit as a whole. It takes a different process and many stages to become a final kit through large part assembly.

These are heavy kits.

We package nuts, bolts, washers, and anything else your company needs in a kit to provide top-drawer services to your clients. We can handle the heaviest kits you can throw our way. Each kit contains exactly what you need, not a pound less or a pound more. There’s no kit too big, too exact, or too custom for us to handle.

The shipping process

We know you have a meticulous way you want your large kits assembled when it comes to shipping. We neatly organize the boxes on every pallet to your exact specifications. We meet safety regulations, down to what color tape you need on the outside of each kit. We package a pallet and check it twice. Our skilled packers know exactly how each piece of the packaging puzzle fits.

It’s all about the details.

Our professional packers are highly skilled and detail-oriented. Each kit and package includes what you need and only what you need. We are confident in our quality of service, and we understand there is no room for error. When you work with us, you know that the quality of your products and packaging is the absolute best. We know that your large parts are going to large projects which are very important. We treat them as such. It’s all about details.

Whatever it takes! We can accomplish what you need. Choose us for your packing solutions: componentpackaging.com/contact-us

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