What is master bagging?

What is master bagging?

What is master bagging, and why is it important?

Master bagging, or master kitting, is the process of grouping kits together in larger kits for different purposes of the end-user. This means there are standard kits a cabinet installer might use to install a cabinet door. Then there is the number of kits within a bigger set, so the number of cabinet doors the installer handles in a day or for a particular job.

How do we measure it?

There are scales and QC processes we use to measure regular kitting. We use secondary scaling operating to make sure all sub packs are included. This saves you time and adds a layer of protection for your product, kits, and end-users!

Reasons to utilize master kitting.

1. Ease for employees and end-users

Employees and clients do what they can with what they have. They can be more productive when what they have to work with saves them time.

If an employee sets up seven units out in the field, they can have a master bag with seven bags in there. Every morning when they grab their items needed for a day, they have everything they need: no mess, no extra or loose parts, no wasted product.

2. Simplify instructions

If you do need instructions, it’s best to be simple and straightforward.

If your product is a complicated setup with lots of different parts, it’s easier for the instruction manual to say:  execute step one with bag A; when finished, step two will need bag B. That way, they don’t have a bazillion parts to make sure they have the right screw, washer, nut, or bolt.

Simplifying instructions for clients adds value to your product. When they can put together the product easily, and without headache, they are more likely to be satisfied with the result and the product.

3. Save time

Not only will employees save time gathering their items to go out in the field or prep their workstation, but they save time differentiating similar parts.

If they have different sizes of screws, bolts, or other parts. It saves time from having to sort out the ½” from the 3/8” one. Sometimes they are so close in either length or width that they are hard to differentiate without a tool to determine size.

Ultimately, master bagging saves you time, money, and product.

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