What is the Purpose of Secondary Packaging?

What is the Purpose of Secondary Packaging?

In an industry where so many companies are selling a version of the same thing, secondary packaging should play more thana single role. While all packaging seeks to be attractive and functional, Component Packaging offers contract packaging services that add value via greater efficiency, supplemental inspections during sorting, and inventory control.


In order to fully understand the value of secondary packaging, let’s quickly review the three levels of packaging while mentioning that there will be some overlap between each level.


Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is used by warehouses to ship products in bulk. Common examples would include corrugated boxes, shrink wrap, and pallets.


Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging, as mentioned above, protects products while providing branding and other necessary information.


Primary Packaging

As the name suggests, primary packaging directly surrounds and protects a product. Common examples are bottles, cans, and bags.


Component Packaging can take shipments that arrive in tertiary packaging and sort products into the appropriate quantities. Our sorting process gives additional checks that can sometimes identify non-conforming parts. After sorted, we have the ability, should your products require it, for secondary packaging to include printed barcodes, logos, website, or installation instructions.


Your products deserve a value added packaging solution. A contract packaging partner can provide cost-effective solutions that sort, package, and present your product safely to the end user. Component Packaging has both the warehouse space and the packaging expertise to help. Our services include warehousing, sorting, boxing, kitting, fulfillment, and shipping. We are eager to address any and all levels of your packaging, collaborating to make sure your product is inventoried and protected from the warehouse to the end user.

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