Why Can’t I Package Products Myself?

Why Can’t I Package Products Myself?

How much will packaging cost? When you hear the answer or think, "We'll have our warehouse package our own product," you may not realize how much packaging products yourself costs. Without a system in place for each of your products, it will take more time and money to get set up.


When companies don't systemize internal packaging, it can be slow and tedious, working out the kinks in your system. Component Packaging is systematized to flex quickly to any job. There is no stopping and starting, so no one loses their place in any part of the packaging process. Through monitoring, tracking, and adjustments, we naturally became faster and more accurate. It's what we do every day.

Because we are systemized, we are low stress. Allowing us to properly delegate to employees who can best handle the product as it comes through the line. We pride ourselves on the quality control we offer. In the well-oiled machine of packaging we provide, we can ensure checks and balances for a consistent, high quality packaged product. We hold every role to the same standard, precision.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Component Packaging offers a fixed cost. When you outsource to us, you can pass that cost onto the end-user, or who your product is going to, through your total cost. It's something you will be able to predict for every project.

When choosing us, you avoid any hidden packaging costs of doing it yourself.

Storage Space and Distribution

With 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have more than enough capacity to receive and hold your parts until they all arrive. Waiting may not be something you have room for in your own facility, and we include it in our fixed cost. We can then send your packaged product onto its next destination!

Quality Assurance

We can inspect your product for 100% accuracy. Our quality control team is experienced and will find the best tools and processes for checking your product. This prevents unhappy customers and time spent later, correcting or going through an entire process again.


We run 20 hour days four days a week with opportunities for weekend shifts. Our turnaround is approximately three weeks, so your product is out the door before some could set up a packaging department in-house.


You know as well as we do that labor costs. This is a lot like hiring a new team that would be responsible for packaging your product, but instead, we are already trained and efficient at the process.

Parts Management

Suppliers have an over/under when they ship products based on weight. All the parts on an order rarely come out even. We package until we run out of a part. You are always only billed for the completed kits. We can either return the remaining fasteners with the packaged products, or we can hold them for you until we package that same kit again. Then we can pull the parts from overflow & use them in conjunction with the parts that you send us.

We account for every one of the extra costs and systemize our process to combat and minimize our own expense, so we know how to make the most out of the time we have with your product. When we worry about the packaging, you can focus on the quality of the product you are providing your customer.

Whatever it takes! We will take care of you. Choose us for your packaging solutions: componentpackaging.com/contact-us

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