Effective Planning for Unexpected Delays

Effective Planning for Unexpected Delays

The past two years have flown by - You have made it through oil spills, backed-up container ships, labor shortages, soaring freight costs, supply of basic raw materials on hold, and everything else thrown at you. So, what's next? How do you continue to pick yourselves up loss after loss? There are ways to plan when you don't know what the future holds. You can prepare for the future without predicting it, and Component Packaging can help.

How can you plan out the rest of your year if you don't know what tomorrow holds?

Planning out the rest of 2022 might be overwhelming. Is it safe to plan a year ahead? Two quarters at a time? One month in advance? Staying ahead is essential for your business.

In the current disruptive environment of the world today, the best way to prepare your business for the future is to make your planning a continuous process. Reevaluating your plans and making minor adjustments regularly will help your company adjust to changes quicker. Build, measure, and learn with each step. Make sure your plan has a system for sudden shifts in place. Does your company know what to do when a customer alters their behavior or your competitor's actions change? What happens when your supplier is backed up for months? Knowing your next steps when problems arise will put you one step ahead of your competitors and keep your business agile.  

While you can't predict, you can prepare.

You can't predict the contingencies your company will face, but you can do your best to prepare for any roadblock that might occur. Outlining your worst case, base case, and best case, and creating a detailed plan to fall back on for all three scenarios is a safe and effective option for any organization. You can choose to set clear, smart goals for your company. It could be time to explore potential alternatives to your business model. What can you change that could potentially better your business? Is there someone you could partner with to ultimately better improve your processes? Are there valuable partnerships our business can create?  Enter Component Packaging.

How can Component Packaging help?

Component Packaging partners with your company to improve your business. Is your company struggling during the labor shortage? We offer contract packagers that step up and help your business build a better future through kitting, packaging, assembly, quality control, and more. Our goal is to get products to your end-users without clogging additional supply chains.

Our owners have over 30 collective years of experience solving and overcoming companies' packaging dilemmas all over the United States. Companies lose a lot of their time and money trying to handle in-house packaging on their own. By outsourcing their packaging to the experts at Component Packaging, they have more freedom to focus on building their business and taking care of their employees. We come alongside your team to build a relationship and fill your packaging needs no matter what comes our way.

We want to help you beat the odds in 2022. Partner with Component Packaging, and we will do whatever it takes to make your life easier: https://componentpackaging.com/contact-us

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