Is a Contract Packager the Best Option for your Company?

Is a Contract Packager the Best Option for your Company?

The thought of hiring a third party to handle the processes your company has grown accustomed to can be overwhelming. Your company is meaningful to you, and it's okay to doubt a contract packager's abilities to assist in the areas you lack. Here we discuss what a contract packager does, help you evaluate if your company could benefit from one, and what our third-party packing company can do for you.

What does a contract packager do?

Aside from acting as an extension to the company, contract packagers (also known as co-packagers) assemble products and goods into their final packaging. Co-packaging companies offer many different services, such as quality control, sorting, assembly, kitting, and more. Their services can be as simple or complex as your company needs, and a good contract packager will see your project through until the end.

What kind of company needs a co-packager?

The need for a third-party packaging company varies significantly across the retail, commercial, and trade industries. Businesses struggling to keep up as demand peaks can quickly run out of capacity to handle their packaging in-house, which causes important pieces to slip through the cracks. Suppose a company cannot afford to invest in extra staff or equipment to package independently; a co-packager is a solution that adds additional support to increase their capacity and keep them on track.

Contract packaging companies can serve many different businesses. Companies with geographically separated facilities could consider using a contract packager as a way to serve their customers better (and add value for their end-user). At the same time, a rapidly growing small business can utilize a co-packager to scale its packaging and production quickly without significant investments.  

Costs and benefits of a contract packager

Choosing a co-packager means committing to a partnership, and with any significant commitment comes a list of pros and cons. Contract packagers bring specific expertise to the table as they live and breathe packaging all day, every day. Even though hiring a co-packager initially feels like you are adding cost, they offer bulk manufacturing capabilities to reduce your cost per manufactured unit. Most companies don't realize the actual price of the packaging process (i.e. receiving, setting up, packaging, quality checking, boxing, shipping), but with a co-packager, a fixed set cost is a given. There are no unexpected expenses, just one price to get the job done for you.

A contracted packager has all the equipment needed to efficiently and adequately package your materials, ensuring you won't have to lift a finger. Adding a third-party partnership helps you focus on building and expanding your brand while they handle the rest. In the end, outsourcing your packing to a contract packaging company can give your company the final push it needs. Skyrocket your profits, improve turnaround times, or even break growth barriers you didn't know existed.

Working with a co-packager can become a considerable financial investment for small businesses that aren't ready to outsource. If a company likes to control its products from start to finish, a contract packaging company may not be the best option. Partnering with a third-party company requires constant communication, trust, and a willingness to turn over the reins to your packaging company.

Why you should consider hiring Component Packaging as your contract packager

Component Packaging offers innovative packaging solutions customized to fit your company's needs, big or small. Our staff is trained specifically in packaging, and all of our systems are for maximum quality control and efficiency. We focus on your end-user, and our open lines of communication allow us to get to know you while we optimize your production schedule.

We look forward to a long-lasting partnership as we help your business thrive. Choose us for your packaging solutions:

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