The New Business as Usual

The New Business as Usual

Things are not business as usual.

Evolve and Adapt

Companies are coming up with ways to recreate themselves. They have no choice. Companies are branching out, and manufacturers are venturing into new areas. They are struggling through supply chain challenges & employee issues when employees need to quarantine or stay at home pending test results.  

Mix up your projects and process

We find that our clients ask for more and more unique projects to either have their employees do or get done by the supplier. These projects include pre-assembling nuts/bolts and packing down master cartons into smaller packs, quality control, and so much more. We have been diversifying our staff and shifting our seasonal employees to meet our clients’ needs as we get deeper into this season of life.

Services to your end-users

If you’ve been keeping up, you probably read about packaging for your end-users. If you haven’t, here is just one way you can improve the experience of YOUR clients.

If you have already read it, you know, it helps drive profits and protect your business when distributors (our customers) begin offering additional services to their end-user to help them with their production. It benefits our clients. Don’t pass the hassle off on that end user- provide services they didn’t know they needed.

We Make You Look Good

Sometimes salespeople are afraid of packagers because they feel they are placing their reputation in someone else’s hands. It’s our hands. We are here to take on the packaging because we believe it should be done by experts that can handle anything you throw at them with built-in quality control. Then we make them look good! We are incredibly professional, we pay attention to deadlines, and we never ever skimp on quality. Therefore, the salesperson can ease the burden off their end-users’ shoulders by taking out some of the ‘work’ while bringing in more profit dollars for their company.  

Additionally, it is more difficult for their competitor to quote against them by offering additional ‘value-added’ services. When you hire Component Packaging, you are putting a protective bubble around your relationship with your end-user. We are allowing your salespeople to become solution finders and end-user advocates.

We make the most out of the time we have with your product. Whatever it takes, we will take care of you. Choose us for your packaging solutions:

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