Value Added for Your End User

Value Added for Your End User

Offer Packaging: Value Added for Your End-User

We know the fastener industry is a competitive one. So, how do you add value to your services? Getting a leg up on your competitors can be tedious and frustrating to find ways to be more efficient and outshine other fastener companies. The best strategy is to know what you are doing. When you know how to communicate with your clients about their wants, and then understand their needs that they might not even know of, you can provide a higher quality service. Clients will utilize and refer other businesses to companies that offer the best product and solutions.

What the client wants

The clients or end-users might give precise instructions about their kits and how they group them. They might be preparing for an install or a day's worth of packages. When the end-user knows what they want, and you offer packaging solutions, the journey is simple. More often than not, clients don't know what they want or think about the end-users needs. From the time we package the product in its little (or large) poly bags, to the time the technician or line worker opens that package, we want to make sure what's in that bag makes your processes as efficient as possible.

What the client needs

Something we encourage clients to think about is where the kit is going. If the kit goes to an install team, how many sets do they need for that day? Installers save time when they don't have to count out or separate pieces. There are no spare parts (unless you order them). They have exactly what they need.

If a pod in a factory gets a certain number of units done per day, it's less wasteful to have precisely the amount they need for that day. Think of a team meeting a quota- when they run out of kits, they have hit their goal!

If you haven't thought about this, we can consult on where we could make your packaging process work best. Efficiency is no longer optional in our world.


As we discussed in our last blog, several unforeseen costs come with packaging in your facility. These can include storage, distribution, quality assurance, downtime, labor, and parts management. You can read more details here.

When you offer packaging to your end-users, you are a step above your competitors, especially in the fastener marketplace. Streamline your users' production. Provide an efficiency they didn't know they needed.

Why choose Component Packaging

You are already providing the fasteners for your client, why not package them for the end-user? Whether you use Component Packaging for sorting, quality assurance, kitting, or assembly, we offer hand packaging and boxing in any way you need it organized. If it's for you or your end-user, we have the tools and expertise to efficiently handle your product.

Whatever it takes! We will take care of you. Choose us for your packaging solutions:

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