What you should know about assembly

What you should know about assembly

Assembly - what is it good for?

We assemble nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, hinges, hitches, and whatever else you throw our way. We do whatever it takes, and we believe assembly is a valuable asset to what your business does and who you serve.

Time is money

If you need to cut costs or give your end-users or techs in the field some leeway or more time to work on other projects, assembly is your answer. A tech or installer may work twice as fast if all his materials, nuts and bolts, or hinge kits are prepared and assembled. We kit as well, but assembly adds even more value.


We can assemble parts, even if we already have your part or are waiting on another piece. One of our values added is our ability to house your parts until they are ready to be kitted or, you guessed it, assembled. We are also familiar with reworks. If you’ve already got kits, we can rework your product to include assembly, extra parts, or heat shrinking. If you have a packaging need, we have a well-thought-out strategy to fill it.

We don’t care how heavy your parts are or how complicated you would like the boxes packed. We can handle and exceed your expectations. We also have quality control teams to manage torque specifications and trained professional assembly workers to get down to the detail of which way a washer is facing.


Not only does this save your techs time, but we can assemble the parts quickly and efficiently. When we say well-thought-out, we mean we are constantly improving our processes to meet high demands and increase capacity to serve our customers. We do all our improving without compromising one ounce of quality.

Serving your end-users

If you’re sending this product on to an end-user, client, or distributor, you are adding value. Providing assembly is something you must determine, or we can assist you in what you provide your end-user. If you are already reaping the benefits of kitting, why not ask your end-users if they could benefit from assembly?

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