What is kitting and why is it valuable?

What is kitting and why is it valuable?

What is kitting?

Kitting is putting several items into a specific container to make it easier to use the products. Instead of counting eight bolts, eight washers & eight nuts out of a large box of fasteners to use/assemble something, the parts have been pre-counted into smaller usable quantities. This group of items can then go into a master carton with the other needed items or be used at an assembly line for efficiency & speed.

In other words, instead of choosing the things/individual products that go in a ready-to-ship container each time an order comes in, you prepackage all the items that you or your user need for the final job.

Why is kitting valuable?

Suppose it takes certain components for every item that passes by the manufacturing line. The employee can grab a bag & have all the parts they need to assemble one whole good, cutting down assembly time and capitalizing on valuable concentration.  
Kitting can also reduce waste and loss. When you have each kit with every element for a project sectioned out, there is no waste of separately packaged pieces. You have the exact number of parts for each piece of asset assembled. There is no extra (unless requested), and you will always have enough. When you work more efficiently, your lead times are quicker.

Our most common items are fastener sets that go into poly bags. These sets can be for cabinet installers, assembly line workers, or anything you would need packaged for your end-user.  
There is also value in having professional packagers do your kitting instead of paying for labor at your facility. We are efficient, we do this every day, and we have made it our pride in being the best. Having Component Packaging package your kits and package your product also means you have a set cost every month. That means you take the guesswork out of your packaging process.

There are many more uses for kitting than the few mentioned above.

Stay tuned to learn the value of Master Bagging. And as always, whatever it takes! We will take care of you. Choose us for your packaging solutions: https://www.componentpackaging.com/contact-us.

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